Chute Cleaning and Sanitizing Equipment Leasing

Despite the convenience of rubbish chutes in collecting garbage in high rise buildings, they can also harbor harmful pathogens and produce odors around the house if not properly cleaned. Bin chutes provide an opening that takes in all sorts of waste and, as a result of this, the internal walls and surfaces of the chutes are likely to create a breeding ground for mosquitoes, rats and rodents, bacteria and cockroaches. Whenever the chute is opened, these germs can easily find their way into the environment.

Apart from just the germs, chutes can also become smelly over time due to build-up of garbage along the internal walls of the system. This means, the chutes need regular cleaning in order to avoid these risks. At Rubbish Chute Singapore, we offer the Q-system, a highly efficient and effective equipment for chute cleaning and sanitizing. In fact, this is the right equipment for maintaining clean and fresh chutes in both residential and commercial buildings.

Our garbage chute cleaning and sanitizing system can save you from a lot of inconvenience and dangers other than just the ones highlighted above. And, we have now made it easier and cheaper for both home and commercial property owners to acquire the Q-system for the ultimate chute cleaning and sanitizing solutions. We offer the best quality chute cleaning and sanitizing equipment for lease at very affordable rates to suit your budget.

Our lease terms for chute cleaning and sanitizing equipment

Rubbish Chute Singapore is committed to delivering the best rubbish chute services to meet diverse customer demands. And, we offer flexible and customized Q-system lease terms to ensure that all your chute cleaning and sanitizing needs are fulfilled. The following are the terms of our chute cleaning and sanitizing equipment leasing;

Equipment installation and maintenance

Whenever you acquire our chute cleaning and sanitizing equipment on lease, our company will   install the system for you on all the bin chutes in your building. Besides, we will also take care of the maintenance of the system on regular basis. The maintenance also includes replenishing of the sanitizers and solutions for the equipment. And, we have the professionals to make sure that all these procedures are carried out to standard.

Lease period

Although rubbish chutes require regular cleaning and sanitizing, hiring rubbish chute services on a daily basis can be tiring and also expensive. Our company offers chute cleaning and sanitizing equipment for a lease period of 3 years but, you can also opt for a shorter duration. This is ideal in ensuring reliable and consistent chute cleaning and sanitizing. Besides, it is also very economical in terms of the costs of hiring rubbish chute services Singapore.

Q-system trial

In order to give every client an assurance of the best results with our chute cleaning and sanitizing equipment, we can install a test system on one of your bin chutes. For every trial system, we will give you up to 2 months to experience its effectiveness. This not only shows our company’s commitment to offering the best quality equipment but, also convenient rubbish chute services.

Why you should Hire the Q-system from Rubbish Chute Singapore

Our garbage chute cleaning and sanitizing system is designed with special features for easy installation, maintenance and better performance. The system is fixed to the chutes on the upper level of the building. They have sanitizers and solutions, which is released inside the chutes periodically to kill bacteria, pests and prevent bad smell. The Q-system can either be programmed to operate automatically or manually depending on your needs.

By obtaining our garbage chute cleaning and sanitizing equipment on lease, you are guaranteed the following:

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