Trash chutes usually collect and harbor a wide range of wastes, which can accumulate along the internal walls of the system over time. Even if you place the waste in bags before release into the chutes, there is usually no guarantee that they will get to the bottom of the chute in those bags. The pressure within the chute system can easily tear and split wastes, making some to stick on the surfaces. Without proper cleaning of the systems, these wastes can attract pests, pathogens and also produce bad smell that will no doubt end up in the building.

There are various maintenance procedures that can be conducted on trash chutes to ensure that they are preserved in the best condition. The main idea behind trash chute maintenance is to make them clean and fresh so that they do not become breeding grounds for bacteria, cockroaches, rats and other pests. Trash chute maintenance is also aimed at disinfecting the internal surfaces of the system to ensure that they do not produce odors into the environment. Proper trash chute maintenance will enable you to continue enjoying the convenience of the system with the least risk of pest infestation.

Maintaining trash chutes is an important procedure that goes beyond just ensuring clean chutes. In fact, it can also be an effective measure towards making your home or office safe from infections, which are usually caused by mosquitoescockroaches, bacteria and other pathogens hiding in rubbish chutes. In case you have garbage chutes on your building, maintaining them is a critical aspect that you must consider in order to keep the system in the desired condition. Remember, garbage chutes can also experience other problems, which could make part of or the entire system ineffective.

The following are important maintaining trash chute ideas to keep in mind:

Make sure the rubbish chute is installed right and used responsibly

The first step towards maintaining a rubbish chute in the best condition is proper installation. If the system is not installed right, there is no doubt it will not be able to serve you as intended. While using garbage chutes, responsibility is also recommended to avoid common problem like, chute chokage. By being responsible in the way you use your rubbish chute, you will also be able to extend its lifespan for longevity.

Responsible chute use mainly entails avoiding activities that could hamper the operation of the system. For instance, you should not force very large or bulky wastes into the chute since that could block the tube, making it impossible for other wastes to pass through to the collection point. Besides, it is also advisable not to pour liquids or substances that might cause wear and damage to the trash chute.

Conduct regular trash chute inspections

This is a step that most people usually fail to take. But, it should be noted that the most effective way of determining problems with your trash chute system is through regular inspections. Checking the system frequently will enable you to easily spot hitches whenever they occur, which is important in avoiding complications with the trash chute. When problems are detected early, diagnosing and solving them can be easier and more cost-effective.

The inspection should always touch on all the components and sections of the trash chute system to ascertain their conditions. When doing the inspection, carefully check the chute trays and also walls of the system from the top to bottom. In case you are unable to find time for regular trash chute inspection, it is advisable to talk to a professional.

Fill cracks and repair signs of tear on trash chutes

Depending on the material used in construction of your trash chute, it can develop cracks over time due to the toxicity of wastes and ageing. Whenever these occur, is easier for wastes to spill over to the floors during the process of movement to the bottom level. Besides, these cracks can also provide passage for pests like, cockroaches and rodents into the buildings.  On the other hand, cracks can also develop into larger openings, which can make the system ineffective and even push you into replacing it.

Whenever you spot any crack or sign of damage on the trash chute, it should be sealed off immediately and using the right materials. Small cracks can be easily filled up with basic DIY skills. However, you should find an expert in case the cracks are larger and seem difficult to effectively handle.

Perform regular garbage chute cleaning and sanitizing

This is also another important procedure in trash chute maintenance that can help in preventing a series of problems encountered while using the system. Cleaning and sanitizing your trash chute consistently helps in fighting bacteria, cockroaches, rats and rodents, mosquitoes, other pests and bad smell. For the process to be effective, it should be done regularly and, with the right equipment and products based on how frequent the system is used, the wastes passed through it and also its condition.

Generally, there are diverse options for trash chute cleaning and sanitizing. One of them is chute fogging. Besides, some people also simply pour pesticides inside the chutes to kills germs and disinfect the systems. In case the chute is blocked, you can also manually clear the system with recommended products.

The most efficient way of cleaning and sanitizing rubbish chutes is through the Q-system. This is a unique but, effective equipment specifically designed for stress-free and reliable bin chute cleaning and sanitizing. It is placed on the chutes at the top floor to periodically dispense solutions into the system.

Hire professional rubbish chute services Singapore

Professional rubbish chute services is the most ideal option for better trash chute maintenance.    Through the services, you do not have to stress yourself with all the trash chute maintenance procedures outlined above. This is mainly because, a professional understands the best and most convenient options for better maintenance of garbage chutes. And,    can always perform the required tasks on your behalf.

Rubbish Chute Singapore is the best company that can offer you professional waste chute services Singapore. We offer quality garbage chute cleaning and sanitizing equipment for lease. Get in touch with us for the right trash chute services and maintenance ideas.


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