A rubbish and waste chute will give you an easier time in handling garbage when you are living or working in a high rise building. To those who already have garbage chutes installed in their buildings, the benefits are undeniable. However, it should be noted that rubbish and waste chutes can also be breeding grounds for bacteria and other germs without proper chute care and maintenance. There are various conditions in waste chutes that can promote the breeding of bacteria.

When using a rubbish chute, you only have to collect the garbage in a waste bag and put on the chute tray. The system is designed in the form of a long tube through which the rubbish will easily travel to the collection point on the lower level of the building. As the waste travels to the bottom of the building, there is usually a likelihood of some remains deposited on the walls of the chute. Even if you are always careful to first pack your rubbish in waste bags before tossing into the chute, the pressure within the system can tear them apart.

The debris and waste particles that are deposited on the internal surfaces of the chutes can accumulate over time if the system is not regularly cleaned using the right equipment. Owing to the build-up of waste along the walls of the chute, they will soon start to decompose. And, that is one of the greatest attractions of bacteria into the system. Bacteria usually like places that are dirty and, that is why chutes that are not effectively cleaned on a regular basis can easily become their breeding ground.

Inside poorly maintained waste and garbage chutes, bacteria not only find adequate source of food but, also a conducive environment to thrive. Whenever the bacteria begin to breed inside your waste chutes, you should expect them in the building too. Since the chutes are used almost on a daily basis, the bacteria will have a continuous flow of food. As a result of this, they will easily multiply and spread to other parts of the building fast. Which means, you must find an effective way of flushing them out immediately.

Contrary to what some people may think, bacteria that breeds inside waste and garbage chutes do not only thrive therein. Whenever the chute trays are opened, the bacteria can easily escape into the building. Bacteria are microscopic, which means they are very tiny such that you cannot even see them with naked eyes. And, this enables them to easily spread without detection. Apart from waiting until the chute trays are open, bacteria can also spread through tiny holes and cracks on the chute. Besides, bacteria is also airborne, which also makes it easier for them to quickly move into other parts of the building and the surrounding areas.

Once bacteria start breeding in the waste and garbage chutes on your building, there are risks that you can be exposed to. Bacteria has been blamed for a series of health and environmental hazards. In fact, bacteria is one of the most dangerous pathogens, causing infections like, tuberculosis, meningitis, pneumonia among others. Besides, the presence of bacteria in your environment can also impact food poisoning. In dire cases, bacterial infections can even be fatal.

In the event that you are exposed to any bacterial infection, you will not only need to seek medical attention (which sometimes can be costly). For residential and commercial buildings, proper hygiene is recommended. Besides, you may also need to contact a pest control professional to deliver the required services for driving out bacteria from your house. However, these will only help in restoring your health and controlling the infestation within your home or office.

How to prevent bacteria from breeding in rubbish and waste chutes

Pest control services or home remedies can be used in preventing the breeding of bacteria in the home or office. But, even with that, you may not have solved the problem if the bacteria originated from waste and garbage chutes. The breeding ground for bacteria in chutes can only be destroyed by attacking them from within. This you can easily achieve with regular and effective waste chute cleaning and sanitizing.

Unlike other facilities used in high rise buildings, cleaning and sanitizing waste and garbage chutes requires some skills. The procedure should be focused on the internal walls of the chutes, which you cannot easily reach without the right equipment. One of the most suitable equipment for effective waste chute cleaning that you should acquire is the Q-system. This is a distinct garbage chute cleaning and sanitizing equipment that is very easy to install and maintain.

The Q-system is an equipment that is specifically designed for cleaning and sanitizing garbage chutes. It is made with provisions for attaching it to the chutes on the highest level of the building to clean and sanitize the internal walls and surfaces all the way down. It has a solution and sanitizer, which is dispensed into the chute in intervals to ensure that there is no build-up of debris and greasy substances on the internal surfaces. The solutions used in the Q-system are tested and proven effective to fight all forms of pathogens and also bad smell.

Depending on your needs, this garbage chute cleaning and sanitizing equipment can be programmed to operate automatically or manually. However, setting it to operate automatically is the best option for more consistent and effective waste chute cleaning and sanitizing. Whenever the solutions used in the Q-system run out, a replacement is required to ensure that it continues to serve the intended purposes. Besides, the equipment also needs a few maintenance procedures to keep it in the best condition.

In order to experience the unique benefits of the Q-system in fighting bacteria, rats and rodents, mosquitoes, other germs and odors from waste chutes, simply visit Rubbish Chute Singapore. We offer the best rubbish chute services Singapore including, garbage and waste chute cleaning and sanitizing equipment for lease.

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