Rubbish and garbage chutes can be found in most high-rise residential and commercial buildings today. The main reason for their popularity is the convenience that they offer when it comes to waste handling. By using a trash chute, you will not have to come into direct contact with garbage anymore during disposal. The system has trays onto which you simply place your rubbish and, it will automatically move to the collection point on the ground level of the building.

Despite the advantages of having a waste and garbage chute, it requires regular and proper maintenance without which the system can be a significant environmental and health risk. Although wastes are usually disposed into chute trays in waste bags, not all do this. In fact, there are some people who will just pour their waste directly into the tray without a waste bag. Even with the bags, there is always a likelihood that the bags will be torn by the time they get to the collection point.

It is still not usually very easy to prevent bits of debris, liquids and grease from sticking onto the internal surfaces of bin chutes. Each time rubbish is thrown into the chute, there is always some small portions of it left on the walls of the system. And, this means the more the chute is used, the larger the build-up of debris on the surfaces. Without proper chute maintenance and cleaning, the accumulated debris could even make it impossible to continue using the system.

If your garbage chute is not cleaned and sanitized, it can provide a breeding ground for rodents over time. The waste and debris that is stuck on the surfaces will begin to decay with time and, this creates food for rodents. As a result, rats and other parasites will no doubt find comfort in the chutes. Whenever this happens, you should expect the rodents in your home too since these bin chutes are installed within the building.

Rodent infestation in waste and garbage chutes is a problem that many people are faced with nowadays. Most of the cases have been reported in a wide range of residential and commercial buildings with home and restaurant owners being the worst hit. Whenever rats find breeding ground in rubbish chutes, they will not spend the rest of their lives therein. After a short time, the rodents will soon start spreading into other parts of the building in search of food and new breeding grounds. Within no time, your house will be filled with rats and other rodents alike.

There are severe risks that rats can pose to your environment and health whenever they find breeding grounds in the rubbish chutes on your building. Foremost, they have very destructive feeding habits that cause a lot of damage to your building and other things like, furniture and clothes. Rats can also cause a lot of food wastage and also contamination. Besides, they can also act as carriers of a wide range of diseases.

The main problem with rats and rodents is, even with numerous pest control measures, most people have not been able to tame the tide of burrows in their rubbish chutes. In the early stages of the infestation of rats on your waste chutes, you may not be able to see them since they are usually secretive if their population is small. In fact, they will always try to hide during the day and, only come out at night to fetch for food in your kitchen or other sections of the home.

Although most people will often wait to see rats moving around their buildings to suspect infestation, there are several signs that you can look out for in order to know that they are present   in waste chutes and the environment. The most common sign of rat infestation is living rats in the chutes or building. You can also spot dead rats, their droppings and remains from pieces of wood, clothes and food debris on the floor or under cupboards, safes, couch and other hidden areas.

In order to effectively deal with rat infestation, they should always be controlled as soon as the signs of their presence is detected. The best way to dealing with them is destroying their breeding grounds in the waste chutes. In case the rats have spread into the building, you will need also effective pest and rodent control measures. This you can do by yourself or hiring rodent control services. For fighting rats in waste chutes, there is a more effective and economical solution to apply.

How to fight Rats in Rubbish and Waste Chutes

Controlling rats in rubbish and waste chutes is a problem that most people are struggling with. In fact, it can be very challenging, especially if you do not know the most suitable way of doing it.  The best way to fight rats in waste and garbage chutes is through proper chute use and care. Although there are various waste chute maintenance procedures, cleaning and sanitizing is the right way to eliminate rats and rodents from the system.

When the waste chute is kept clean, rodents will not be able to find a place to breed due to lack of food. However, it should be noted that rats can be very stubborn creatures that you might not easily control at once. In order to completely drive them out from the waste chute, the cleaning and sanitization of the system should be done using the right equipment, products and also consistently. The ideal equipment that you need for proper and reliable chute cleaning is the Q-System.

The Q-system is the most effective equipment for waste and garbage chute cleaning and sanitizing.   This equipment is used by attaching it on the rubbish chutes on the top level of the building. It contains a solution and sanitizer to properly wash out wastes from the internal walls of the chute and create an unfavorable condition for the breeding of rats, other rodents, bacteria, mosquitoes, cockroaches. Besides, it can also effectively fight bad smell from the chute.

Rubbish chute Singapore offers quality garbage chute cleaning and sanitizing equipment leasing, which you can easily acquire to stop rat infestation on waste chutes.


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