Garbage chutes deliver greater convenience when it comes to waste collection in high rise buildings. You only need to put the rubbish in small bags, drop in the chute tray and let them move freely to the collection point on the ground level. Due to the pressure in chute system, the garbage do not usually hit the collection bin in one piece. Some of it is spilled along the walls of the chute and, could accumulate over time to provide food and breeding ground for cockroaches and other rodents.

Cockroaches are among the most common pests that reside in rubbish chutes. And, their presence is not only annoying but, can also impact a wide range of health risks and losses in your home, office and environment. Research shows that allergens produced by cockroaches can cause asthmatic and even much worse health conditions. In the early stages of cockroach infestation on garbage chutes, it is usually not very easy to spot them. However, they can still maneuver their way into your house both during the day and at night.

Since rubbish chutes have trays or openings where garbage is placed, cockroaches usually have a more convenient passage from the system into dark sections of buildings. But, even closing the chutes cannot prevent roaches from escaping into your house since the pests can also easily pass through small cracks on the chute system. Provided, a few cockroaches have found their way into the house, fighting them can be very tricky and challenging.

Today, German cockroaches are believed to be the most popular in several residential and commercial buildings across Singapore. Studies show that this particular species of cockroaches are very prolific with unique survival traits that enable them to thrive in just any condition. In fact, they can reproduce up to 184 smaller cockroaches in a period of just 180 days, which ensures rapid spread whenever they invade the rubbish chutes in your home or office.

If not controlled effectively immediately they are noticed, these roaches can spread quite fast into all sections of the buildings. Considering rubbish chutes are connected by a long contraption with a tray at every level, cockroaches can easily spread across all the floors. Whether the infestation occurs on the top, middle or ground floors, there are chances the pests will find their way into other parts of the building via the chute system. Besides, these small pests also develop and travel quite fast.

Most restaurant and home owners have reported numerous cases of cockroaches, which are resistant to chute fogging and repeated pest control treatments. And, this was proven in a study conducted by Universiti Sains Malaysia in April 2010. The research found that the German Cockroaches have become highly resistant to synthetic pyrethroids, a popular insecticide used in rubbish chute cleaning and sanitization. Although the insecticide can be helpful with proper rotation and garbage chute fogging, it may not necessarily drive out all the pests from the system.

Considering the higher resistance of cockroaches to common pesticides and treatments, you need more than just garbage fogging to effectively drive out all the pests. In fact, concentrating on fogging alone to keep your garbage chute clean and fresh may also not be able to prevent bad smell from contaminating your environment. If you are doing the treatment on your own, the risks could even become more elevated.

Some researchers have pointed out that putting a stop to the use of garbage chutes could be a viable option for preventing cockroaches, bad odors and other problems faced with the systems. According to them, people should use garbage bags for collecting waste in residential and commercial buildings to ensure that pests do not have breeding grounds along the walls of rubbish chutes. However, there is no guarantee that this can effectively drive out all the cockroaches in chutes. Besides, it could also be a loss and inconvenient to those who already have garbage chutes installed on their buildings.

The Best Way to Fight Cockroaches in Garbage Chutes

Fighting cockroaches that invade rubbish chutes requires more than just chute fogging and discontinuing the use of these systems on buildings. If you already have a garbage chute in your home, office or even warehouse, halting its operations could pose a lot of inconvenience in terms of waste collection and management. The best way to keep away cockroaches, bacteria and bad smell from the system is through regular and proper rubbish chute cleaning and sanitizing.

With the right garbage chute cleaning and sanitizing equipment, you will be able to effortlessly ensure that the chute system is clean and fresh while also enhancing convenience in garbage collection across all the levels of the building. In fact, you will also not need to conduct frequent rubbish chute fogging since the equipment can effectively do all the tasks. As a result of this, you will also be able to save a lot of money on the side.

The best rubbish chute cleaning and sanitizing equipment that you need in order to easily and effectively drive out cockroaches, bacteria, other pests and bad smell from your bin chutes is the Q-system. This equipment is designed with advanced technologies to deliver consistent and efficient chute cleaning and sanitizing in all high rise buildings. It is very easy to install by simply fitting to the upper chute trays on the upper level or floor. The equipment contains solutions and sanitizers that are dispensed into the chutes in intervals to keep them clean.

The sanitizers used in the Q-system are tested and proven effective in fighting germs, pathogens and odors. The liquids work by disinfecting the internal walls and surfaces of the garbage chute so that rodents, mosquitoes and bacteria do not find an ample environment for breeding. Besides, the sanitizers will also prevent a build-up of waste on the surfaces of the chute, thereby eliminating bad smell.

Get the Right Rubbish Chute Cleaning and Sanitizing Equipment for Rent in Singapore

The most convenient place to obtain a rubbish chute cleaning and sanitizing equipment in Singapore is Rubbish Chute Singapore. We offer the best quality and affordable Q-systems on lease, which you can always acquire for the ultimate garbage chute cleaning and sanitizing solutions.



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