Waste and garbage chutes offer convenience in the collection of rubbish in high rise buildings. With the installation of a waste and garbage chute, there is no need to go through the stress of having to carry piles of rubbish to a remote location of the property for disposal everyday. Rubbish chute has trays or openings on every level of the building where residents can easily toss their trash and, let them move independently through the system into the collection point on the bottom level.

Despite the convenience that you can experience with waste and garbage chutes, they can also turn out to be health hazards without proper care and maintenance. Since the trash chute is used in handling garbage, it can harbor much of undesirable remains on the internal wall surfaces. In case these remains are not cleaned regularly and, using effective solutions, they can create a favorable breeding ground for pests and rodents. Mosquitoes are among some of the main pests that are found in poorly maintained waste chutes.

Generally, mosquitoes are usually attracted to dampness, dark and untidy places, which can be easily found inside dirty bin chutes. The waste and garbage chute system carries all sorts of rubbish from residential and commercial buildings. Depending on the condition of your trash chutes, there is usually no guarantee that all the rubbish tossed therein will get to the collection point in one piece. Some particles usually remain attached to the walls of the chutes. And, the build-up will continue unless the system is cleaned and sanitized.

As the waste particles keep building up along the surfaces of the bin chute, they will start to decay or decompose, hence, a likelihood of dampness. And, this is one of the conditions that will attract mosquitoes. Unlike other pests, mosquitoes breed quite fast and within a short time, the population will have grown so big. In the preliminary stages of their breeding, it would not be easier to see the mosquitoes during the day. However, you can still see some of them at night escaping from the chutes into your room.

If mosquitoes are not controlled as soon as they are spotted on trash chutes, dealing with them can be quite hectic. In cases where they are left to multiply, the impacts can be massive. In fact, the mosquitoes will even move from the chutes into your building, creating a permanent habitat therein. In the wake of the Zika virus, these mosquitoes can put you and others using the building in great danger. Apart from the highly dangerous Zika fever, mosquitoes have been blamed for a series of infections including, malaria, yellow fever, dengue, ancephalitis among others.

In case your chutes are infested by mosquitoes, you are not only at risk of the diseases highlighted above but, even more serious conditions. Besides, mosquitoes can also be very annoying. Besides the nuisance caused by their sounds at night, mosquito bites are also very irritating and can even impact skin conditions in some people. Having mosquitoes flying around your home also makes the environment to look so untidy. In the event that you have been bitten by the mosquitoes, you will have to seek medical attention, which can also be very expensive depending on your condition.

Whenever your trash chutes are inhabited by mosquitoes, there is no doubt they will always find way into your home or office. As a result of this, you will not only need to remove them from the chutes but, also your house in order to effectively drive them out. And, this can be very costly in the long term. But, this is a problem that you will only experience if you do not take the immediate step to deal with the parasites once they are spotted in the chutes.

If the mosquitoes have already spread into the building, you will to conduct effective pest control in order to drive them out. There are various options for pest control that you can try out on the building like, fumigation. Besides, you can also simply hire professional mosquito control services to help with clearing the breeding grounds for mosquitoes in your home. However, it should be noted that that this procedure will only be effective in flushing the parasites from the building and, not the trash chutes.

How to Drive Mosquitoes from Waste and Garbage Chutes

Driving mosquitoes out of trash chutes can be difficult and tiresome if you do not know the most effective way to do it. Most people have tried spraying pesticides inside waste chutes with no results. Considering that waste and garbage chutes are designed in the form of tubes that stretch from the top floor to the bottom, cleaning inside of the systems can be tricky. In fact, even spraying pesticides cannot be effective in driving out the mosquitoes.

The most efficient and easier option for fighting mosquito infestation in waste and garbage chutes is proper garbage chute cleaning and sanitizing. And, this can only best be done with the right garbage chute cleaning and sanitizing equipment, known as the Q-System. This equipment is designed with advanced technologies for effective and reliable rubbish chute cleaning and sanitizing. It is a simple system attached to the chutes on the top levels of the buildings to clean the rubbish chute system from all the way up to the ground level.

The Q-System works in a very simple way but, offers the ultimate solutions for proper rubbish chute cleaning and sanitizing. It is designed with a unit that contains solutions and sanitizers, which are periodically released into the chutes to clear any build-up of wastes and kill parasites. By using this garbage chute cleaning and sanitizing equipment, you will not only be able to drive out mosquitoes but also, bacteria, rats and rodents, cockroaches and bad smell, thereby eliminating all environmental and health risks.

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